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How to Configure a Google Calendar Out of Office Response

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How to Configure a Google Calendar Out of Office Response


You may put up an Out of Office message in Google Calendar whether you’re going to be gone for a few hours or on vacation for many days. This automatically denies new meeting invites and notifies others that you will be unavailable.

The Out of Office capability is accessible to commercial, educational, and premium Google Workspace customers as of June 2022.

Set an out-of-office reminder in Google Calendar for your desktop.

Sign in to the Google Calendar website. There are two methods to establish an Out of Office.

On the upper left of your calendar, click “Create” and then choose “Out of Office.”
To launch the new event pop-up box, choose the date and time on your calendar and then select “Out of Office.”

Out of Office in the Create menu

You may choose the time you’ll be gone, the message, and other details in the event’s pop-up box.

The event name is Out of Office by default, but you may modify it if you like.

Confirm or change the day and time, or make the event All Day. You can also have your Out of Office event repeat by selecting Does Not Repeat and entering a frequency.

Event name, date, time, and repeat options

You may choose Only New Meeting Invites or New and Existing Meetings since all event invitations received during your Out of Office hours are automatically denied.

You may use the preset text or write your own underneath Message. This is the note that goes with the event organizers’ refuse message.

Meetings to decline and the optional message

When you’re through putting up the event, update your privacy settings and click “Save.”

Save the event

A notification will appear verifying that you want to refuse events during your Out of Office duration. Choose “Save & Decline.”

Save and Decline confirmation message

When you refuse an event invitation during your Out of Office hours, the sender will get an email with your message.

Declined meeting email

Enable the Out of Office Reply feature on the Mobile App.

You may also create an Out of Office event through the Google Calendar mobile app, which has all of the same choices as the web version.

Select “Out of Office” by tapping the + icon in the bottom right corner.

Out of Office in the Create menu on mobile

Then, choose the day and time, repeat the event, choose which meetings to refuse, and optionally edit the decline message.

Out of Office settings on mobile

Select “Save” and then “Save and Refuse” to indicate you wish to decline meetings within that window.

Save and Decline message on mobile

If you’re going to be out of the office for a few hours or a few days, you may let folks who invite you to Google Calendar events know.

Look at how to display your work hours and location or how to utilize Focus Time in Google Calendar for additional business and educational account capabilities.

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