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How to Change Your Xbox Platform Gamertag

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How to Change Your Xbox Platform Gamertag


Did you get your Xbox gamertag from the original Xbox or the Xbox 360? Have you grown to dislike the handle you selected so many years ago? Don’t worry, you can alter your Gamertag using an Xbox, a Windows PC, or the internet.

Your first gamertag change is completely free.

If you’ve never updated your Xbox gamertag, Microsoft lets you do it for free once. Subsequent changes are $9.99 (plus tax) each change, which was implemented to discourage users from continuously changing their usernames and abusing the system.

Xbox Gamertag random numbers

If your selected gamertag is already in use, Microsoft implemented a mechanism in 2019 that displays random digits after it. The goal here was to create a method in which the numbers are less visible while increasing the overall amount of potential gamertags. In truth, many games will show the whole username, including numerals. Before you complete it, make sure you’re satisfied with what you see!

There is no need to do anything after changing your gamertag since your name change will be replicated across all platforms. You are not required to notify your friends, however you may choose to do so if you believe your new handle may confuse them.

How to Change Your Xbox.com Gamertag

Changing your gamertag on Xbox.com is likely the simplest approach since you won’t have to deal with keyboard input using a controller (unless you’ve linked a keyboard to your Xbox console).

To begin, go to Microsoft’s Choose your new gamertag page and log in when requested. After logging in, double-check that you’re changing the proper gamertag by glancing at the name in the top-right corner of the screen.

From here, input your desired gamertag into the “New gamertag” box and then click the “Check availability” button to do a search.

Enter new Xbox gamertag

If there are no numbers after your selected tag, you are the only user of that tag.

Preview Xbox gamertag

To claim that gamertag, click “Change gamertag.” There is no fee if this is your first modification. If you’ve already changed your payment method, you’ll be charged again to complete the procedure.

Confirm new Xbox gamertag

How to Change the Gamertag on an Xbox One or Xbox Series Console

Because the Xbox Series and Xbox One console families now use the same software, updating your gamertag on an Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Xbox One S, or Xbox One X is the same.

Xbox Series X and Series X consoles.

To do so, start your console and sign in normally. To access the “Profile & system” screen, press the Xbox button and utilize the bumper buttons. Select your profile and then My profile > Customize profile, then enter the gamertag you’re presently using.

Enter the gamertag you want into the text box under “Choose your new gamertag,” then click the “Check availability” button to do a search. Continue to try until you discover a gamertag that is accessible and that you like.

Examine the appearance of your gamertag and ensure that any digits shown after your selected handle are correct. Then, using the “Change gamertag” button, you may claim the gamertag. The first modification is free, but if you’ve already used it, you’ll have to pay to finish the procedure.

Change the Gamertag on an Xbox 360 Console

On an earlier Xbox 360 machine, you may also modify your gamertag. On the Xbox 360, you can have up to 15 characters in your gamertag, but you can’t utilize the new (2019) gamertag scheme.

Start your Xbox 360 and sign in normally. To enter the Settings tab, scroll right (or use the bumpers), then pick Profile. Select Edit Profile > Gamertag, then the “Enter New Gamertag” option.

Enter your preferred gamertag into the space, followed by Done. Wait for the system to verify whether your preferred username is accessible, and choose another if it is not. When you’re satisfied with your selection, click the “Yes, use this gamertag” button to confirm it.

Change Your Xbox Gamertag on Windows 10 or 11

You may also alter your gamertag using the Xbox software on Windows 10 or 11. Download Xbox from the Microsoft Store, launch it, and sign in if you don’t already have it.

Change Xbox gamertag Windows 10

Click your profile photo in the top-left corner, then click the “Customize” button.

Change gamertag option for Xbox app on Windows 10

Click “Change gamertag” under your gamertag and input your desired handle, followed by “Check availability” to check whether it’s available. Use the “Change gamertag” option to complete your choice after previewing it.

If you’ve used up your free gamertag change, the Xbox app will refer you to Xbox.com, where you’ll be charged $9.99 (plus tax) for the privilege.

Can You Change Your Xbox App Gamertag on a Smartphone?

The Xbox smartphone app for iPhone and Android is a useful tool for communicating with friends, viewing media, and downloading games from the Microsoft Store. You cannot, however, use it to update your Xbox gamertag. The next best option is to utilize your smartphone’s browser to go to Microsoft’s Choose your new gamertag website.

Sign in as if you were using a desktop computer, and then utilize the online form to choose and confirm your gamertag.

How to Make the Most of Your Xbox Console

Modern Xbox Series consoles are powerful devices with a plethora of capabilities that may enhance the overall gaming experience. Backward compatibility, the ability to upgrade older games with Auto HDR and FPS Boost, support for variable refresh rate gameplay, and more are all included.

Have you just purchased a new console and are unsure where to begin? Here are some pointers for new owners of the Xbox Series X and S.

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