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How to Disable TalkBack on Android

by Frank
How to Disable TalkBack on Android


TalkBack is a function in Android that reads the on-screen material for you. You may disable TalkBack by using Google Assistant or the Settings app on your Android phone if you don’t need it. We’ll demonstrate how.

If you need TalkBack capability later, you may enable it on your phone.

Turn off TalkBack with Google Assistant

If you have an Android phone and use Google Assistant, you may ask it to switch off TalkBack for you. This is a fast and easy method to deactivate the functionality.

To get started, open Google Assistant. This is determined on how you configured the feature. To activate the Assistant, say “Hey Google,” press and hold the Home button, or start the Google app and hit the mic symbol.

Say the following to Google Assistant once it is listening:

Turn off TalkBack

Tip: Say “Turn on TalkBack” to reactivate TalkBack in the future.

Say "Turn off TalkBack."

The Assistant will confirm that it has disabled the feature on your phone.

TalkBack disabled with Google Assistant.

That’s the end of it. TalkBack is now disabled on your phone.

Disable TalkBack in the Settings menu.

If you’re not accustomed to utilizing Google Assistant, go to your phone’s Settings app and disable TalkBack. The specific procedures may differ depending on your phone type, but here’s what you’ll do in general to remove the function from your phone.

Open the Settings app on your phone. Then choose System > Accessibility.

Tap "Accessibility."

Select “TalkBack” under “Accessibility.”

Select "TalkBack."

Turn off “Use TalkBack” on the “TalkBack” tab.

To reuse TalkBack in the future, enable it by checking the box next to “Use TalkBack.”

Deactivate "Use TalkBack."

In the popup, choose “Stop.”

Tap "Stop" in the prompt.

And you’ve successfully removed the vexing screen reader from your Android handset. Have fun with your phone!

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