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How to Enable File Explorer Tabs in Windows 11

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We announced the feature’s availability yesterday, and today we’ll show you how to use it.We’re referring to the new File Explorer tabs that have been added to Windows 11.Keep in mind that you must be an Insider on the Dev Channel for this to work.If you carefully follow our instructions, you’ll be using File Explorer tabs for Windows 11 in no time.

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It was just yesterday that we explored Microsoft’s plans to add File Explorer tabs to Windows 11.

The functionality was first released with Dev Channel Insider version 22572, although Microsoft has yet to formally acknowledge it.

However, some of the more tech-savvy customers discovered it and were able to activate it.

We know you’re excited to check out this long-awaited feature, so if you’re also a Dev Channel Insider, we’ll teach you how to do it yourself.

How can I get access to the new File Explorer tabs

It’s not a very difficult operation, and it doesn’t need much technical knowledge; it simply takes a few minutes of your time.

Don’t worry, this change isn’t permanent, and you may disable tabs in File Explorer at any moment.

However, before we begin, please ensure that you are a Windows Insider and that you are working on the Dev Channel; otherwise, this will not work.

ViVeTool may be downloaded from GitHub.

ViveTool should be extracted and installed.

Launch Command Prompt as an administrator.

Enter the following command to browse to the ViveTool folder: cd C:\FOLDER\PATH\ViveTool-v0.2.1

Type in the following command: vivetool addconfig 34370472 2

Restart your computer.

After completing this brief procedure, you should be able to use the new File Explorer tabs in Windows 11.

Of course, some of you may wish to undo the alterations they made after they’ve grown tired of the new tabs.

To do so, just enter the following command: vivetool delconfig 34370472 2

It’s difficult to say how much longer we’ll have to wait for this feature to be included in the public rollout, but given that it’s already included in the Insider version, we’re assuming not long.

Have you discovered this hitherto undiscovered feature? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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