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How to Use Gmail on an Amazon Fire Tablet

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Amazon Fire tablets are well-known for not including any Google services out of the box. However, if you want to use Gmail on your low-cost Fire tablet, you’re not out of luck. There are various ways to accomplish this.

App for Amazon Email

The first technique does not necessitate the installation of any applications on your Fire tablet. We may utilize the email program that Amazon has pre-installed.

Open the "Email" app.

Then, in the text field, enter your Gmail address and press the “Next” button.

Enter your address and tap "Next."

You will be sent to a Google sign-in page. Sign in to your Gmail account and “Allow” Amazon access to your account by following the steps.

Sign in and allow Amazon access.

When you’re finished, the following screen will state “Setup Complete!” You may now select “Go to Inbox.” Everything will take a few moments to sync.

Tap "Go to Inbox."

If you already have an email account set up in the app, you may add a Gmail account by accessing the sidebar menu and selecting “Add Account.”

Select “Add Account.”

Silk Browser

The second option, although not requiring the download of any apps, is a little more low-tech. Your Fire tablet includes a web browser, and Gmail has its own webpage. You may use Gmail in your browser.

To begin, launch “Silk Browser.” This is Amazon’s Fire tablet-specific browser.

Launch “Silk Browser.”

Simply sign in to your account at Gmail.com. Google will attempt to get you to use the Gmail app, but you may choose to use the web version by tapping “Use the Web Version.”

Select “Use the Web Version.”

That’s all! You may now use the Gmail website in the same way that you would on a computer.

Inbox of Gmail

Gmail’s Official App

The last approach needs the most effort, but once completed, you’ll get Google’s official Gmail client. You’ll need the Google Play Store to achieve this. It’s not difficult to install the Play Store on a Fire tablet, but you must carefully follow the instructions. For a detailed explanation of the entire procedure, please see our in-depth guide.

After you’ve done configuring the Play Store, simply search for “Gmail” and install it like you would on any other Android device.

Tap "Install."

You now have access to the complete Gmail experience on your Amazon Fire tablet! You’re never forced to use the apps that Amazon pre-installs on Fire tablets.

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