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How to Figure Out Which of Your Games Will Run on Steam

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The Steam Deck will be available shortly. To prepare for the release, Valve is evaluating every game in the Steam library to determine which ones will operate with the company’s portable PC. It’s now simple to check through your existing game collection and determine which ones you can play on the move.

Visit the Your Library on Deck page to see which titles are compatible with Steam Deck.

When you get there, scroll down and click “Sign In.”

Steam Deck login screen

You’ll next need to input your Steam login credentials and complete the two-factor authentication procedure (if you have it enabled on your account).

Steam Deck games login page

Your Steam library will be divided into a few categories after you’ve signed in. “Deck Verified Games From Your Library” is at the top. “Deck Playable Games From Your Library” is listed below. “Unsupported Deck Games From Your Library” comes next. Last but not least, there’s “Untested Deck Games From Your Library.”

Steam Deck compatible games

Verified games have been rigorously vetted by Valve to ensure that they function well on the Steam Deck with no further input from you. Playable games will operate, although they may need more effort on your side. Unsupported games will not function at all. Finally, untested games are ones that Valve has yet to play, so you’ll have to do it yourself to find out.

According to Valve, the business is “reviewing the entire Steam library on Deck,” which means additional titles will be added to each area as the firm puts them through their paces (there are a lot of games on Steam).

Games won’t run on the Steam Deck for a variety of reasons. Some of the difficulties might be related to Proton and SteamOS compatibility. It might be a problem with the controls for others. For example, a game may be designed entirely for usage with a mouse and keyboard, making it difficult to play on Steam Deck.

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