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How to Remove Apps from an Amazon Fire TV Stick

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Do you have any unused or undesirable applications on your Amazon Fire TV Stick? If this is the case, uninstalling such applications and decluttering your app library is simple. You have two options for doing so, and we’ll teach you how to utilize them.

Uninstall an App from the “Apps” Menu.

Your Fire TV Stick contains a “Applications” option that allows you to easily see and run loaded apps. You may also uninstall programs from this menu.

To begin, press and hold the Home button on your Fire TV Stick’s remote. Then, in the menu that appears, choose “Apps.”

Select "Apps."

Highlight the app you wish to uninstall on the “Your Apps & Games” tab.

Highlight an app.

While your app is highlighted, hit the Menu button on your Fire TV Stick remote (the button with three horizontal lines on it).

Choose “Uninstall” from the option that appears in the right pane.

Select "Uninstall" in the menu.

In the popup, choose “Uninstall.”

Choose "Uninstall" in the prompt.

That’s the end of it. Your selected app has been deleted from your Fire TV Stick.

You may want to acquire some new applications now that you have more space on your iPhone. Did you know that after jailbreaking your Fire TV, you may sideload programs that aren’t accessible in the AppStore?

Using Settings, Uninstall an App

The Settings area of the Fire TV Stick provides a plethora of choices for customizing your device. One of them provides a more condensed list view for removing undesirable programs from your Stick.

To access that feature, go to your Fire TV Stick’s home screen and choose “Settings” (a gear icon).

Access "Settings."

To access your installed applications, go to settings and choose “Applications.”

Choose "Applications."

Select “Manage Installed Applications” from the “Applications” menu.

Select "Manage Installed Applications."

Your installed applications will be shown. Select the app you wish to remove here.

Choose an app.

Select “Uninstall” on the app’s page.

Select "Uninstall" in the menu.

Select “Uninstall” from the dialog that appears.

Choose "Uninstall" in the prompt.

And your chosen app has now been removed from your Fire TV Stick. Enjoy a clean user interface!

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