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How to Unlock the Google Chrome Dinosaur Game

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Most of us have encountered the dreaded “No Internet” warning message when using Google Chrome. You can really hack the secret Easter egg to make your dinosaur indestructible and transform this screen into a fun, dinosaur-themed endless runner game. This is how.

How to Play the Google Chrome Hidden Dinosaur Game

You don’t need to do anything special to play if you don’t have an online connection. Simply type any URL into the Google Chrome address bar to view this popup.

No internet screen in Google Chrome

If you have an internet connection, you can visit this website without disconnecting it. In the address bar, type chrome:/dino and you’ll be sent there.

address bar url for accessing dino game

Once you’ve arrived at this screen, use the space bar to begin the game. When you do this, the dinosaur will start running. The goal of the game is to dodge anything that comes your way, such as birds and cactus. It’s game over if the dinosaur is attacked by a bird or runs into a cactus.

This is a nice way to pass the time, and it’s always exciting to strive to surpass your own top score. As you go, the game’s difficulty rises. It’s intriguing to consider what the greatest score ever obtained was, without cheating, which takes us to the following issue.

Google Chrome Dinosaur Game Hack

This hack makes your dinosaur indestructible, allowing gamers to continue playing without fear of being poked or pecked.

To hack the game, you must be on the “No Internet” screen, therefore type chrome:/dino into the address bar. Right-click anywhere on the screen and choose “Inspect” from the menu that opens.

Inspect option in menu

This launches Chrome DevTools, which is visible to the right of the browser window. Select the “Console” tab in DevTools.

Console tab of Chrome DevTools

Alternatively, you may use Ctrl+Shift+I to get directly to the “Console” tab in Chrome DevTools.

Once in the “Console” tab, copy and paste the following command and click the “Enter” key:

var original = Runner.prototype.gameOver

First code entered for Chrome hack

This may appear to do nothing, but we’ll explain why it’s vital in a moment.

Next, type the following command:

Runner.prototype.gameOver = function (){}

Second command for hacking Chrome game

After pressing the “Enter” key, f (){} will display on the next line.

Here’s what’s going on right now. When the game ends (i.e., when you strike an item), Runner.prototype.gameOver() is called, and the action is triggered. In this event, you will hear a sound, the game will stop, and a Game Over notice will display. That isn’t with our code.

The gameOver function is replaced with an empty function by our code. That is, instead of hearing the sound, halting the game, and seeing the message, nothing occurs. You simply keep going.

Try it out. To begin playing the game, close DevTools and press the space bar.

The dinosaur, as you can see, is unfazed by the cactus or flying animals. The mission was completed.

Assume you’ve been playing for 25 minutes and wish to pause the game to record your high score. You’ll need a way to terminate the game that doesn’t involve running into a cactus.

Do you recall the first code we entered? That saved the standard gameOver method in the original variable. That implies we can now utilize the standard gameOver function by issuing the following command:

Runner.prototype.gameOver = original

End game code

If you’re curious, you may look at what happens when the usual gameOver method is invoked (see 2).

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