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How to Embed a Twitter Video Without Retweeting It

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It is not necessary to repost the original tweet’s message or responses when you share a video you observed on Twitter. Instead, you may include the video in your own tweet while still giving the uploader credit and a link. This is how.

You may share someone else’s Twitter video by utilizing the social network’s mobile applications or browser client (whether on your phone or PC). The iPhone and iPad make the procedure the simplest, although Android and Twitter’s desktop website are also viable options.

Twitter Videos Can Be Shared From iPhone and iPad

Begin by opening the Twitter app on your iPhone and searching for a tweet that has a video. Then, hold down on the video.

Tap and hold on a video within a tweet

A pop-up menu with many choices should display. Tap the “Tweet Video” icon to the bottom.

Select the "Tweet Video" button

Next, construct your tweet, making sure that the URL from the original tweet is immediately added to the text box. When you’re ready, click the “Tweet” button to share your message and the video.

Compose a tweet and then tap the "Tweet" button

Your tweet has now been sent to your followers. When watched, you should notice a “From” link underneath the video that, when clicked, links you to the original uploader’s Twitter profile.

Tweet with embedded video from iPhone

Android Twitter Video Sharing

The method for posting a Twitter video on Android is identical to that of the iPhone, although there are a few more steps.

Begin by opening the Twitter app on your Android smartphone and searching for a tweet that includes a video. Then, press the Share button, which is located underneath the “Retweets” and “Likes” sections.

Select “Copy Link” or “Copy Link to Tweet” from the menu that appears at the bottom of the screen. The URL of the tweet has now been copied to your device’s clipboard.

Select the "Copy Link" button

Return to the main page of the Twitter app and hit the Compose button in the bottom-right corner.

Tap the Compose button in the bottom-right corner of Twitter's Home tab

Select the “Tweet” button that appears.

Choose the "Tweet" option

Compose a message, then long-press the screen and pick the “Paste” option from the context menu that displays to paste the copied URL to the Twitter video.

This is the tough part. To highlight and erase all of the content after the question mark in the copied URL, tap on your screen.

Highlight and delete all of the tweet's text after the question mark

Then, at the end of the URL, write and add “/video/1.” You’re now ready to click the “Tweet” button.

Add "/video/1" to the tweet's URL and then tap the Tweet button

You have now shared the video with all of your followers without retweeting the original tweet. When you click to watch your tweet, you’ll notice a “From” link that directs you to the video’s creator.

The video will now be shared without attaching the original tweet

Share Web-Based Twitter Videos

Using your PC to add a Twitter video to your next tweet is almost similar to the Android approach.

Begin by going to Twitter’s website and searching for a tweet that has a video that you wish to post. Then, on the Share tab, click the Share option.

Locate a tweet with a video and then click the Share button

Then, click the “Copy Link To Tweet” option to copy the URL of the tweet to your computer’s clipboard.

Select the "Copy Link To Tweet" button

Return to Twitter’s main page and type a tweet into the box towards the top of the window. Now, copy and paste the URL from the tweet. You may accomplish this by right-clicking in the box and choosing “Paste,” or by using the Ctrl+P keyboard shortcut on Windows or Cmd+P on Mac.

As with Android, erase any content behind the URL’s question mark and then append “/video/1” to the end of the copied tweet URL. When everything seems to be in order, click the “Tweet” button.

Go back to Twitter's home page, compose a tweet at the top of the screen, paste the URL, add "/video/1", and then click the "Tweet" button

You’ve now tweeted with a Twitter video embedded in it. By clicking on the link located below the video, you may watch and access the original uploader’s Twitter account.

You should now have a tweet with an embedded Twitter video

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