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How to Remove Messages from an iPhone

by Frank
How to Remove Messages from an iPhone


Individual text messages and whole conversations may be easily removed from the Messages app on your iPhone. We’ll teach you how to delete unwanted text messages from your phone.

Warning: Once you’ve deleted a message or a discussion, you can never recover it, so be sure you’re comfortable with permanently deleting your communications.

Individual Messages on an iPhone Removed

If you just want to delete a single or a group of texts from your iPhone, follow these steps.

To begin, open the Messages app on your iPhone. Find and tap the discussion in which you wish to remove a message in the app.

Tap and hold the message you wish to delete on the message screen. Then, from the option that appears, choose “More.”

Tap "More" in the menu.

A choose symbol will appear beside each message on your screen. Tap this symbol for each message you wish to delete.

When you’re finished, touch the trash can symbol in the bottom-left corner.

Select “Delete Message” from the box that appears.

Choose "Delete Message" in the prompt.

Your iPhone will erase the messages you’ve chosen, and you’re done.

If you discover you’ve made a mistake, there are a few ways to restore deleted texts on an iPhone.

On an iPhone, you may delete whole text conversations.

Follow these instructions to delete an entire discussion you had with someone from Messages.

To begin, use the Messages app on your iPhone. Then, find the chat you want to delete (but don’t open it).

Swipe left on the chat you wish to remove. Then, from the list of alternatives that appears, choose “Delete.”

Select "Delete."

Select “Delete” from the popup.

Tap "Delete" in the prompt.

That’s the end of it. The whole conversation will be deleted from your iPhone’s Messages app.

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