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How to Remove Pages from a PDF Document

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Do you believe your PDF might benefit from omitting some pages? If this is the case, deleting a single or numerous pages from your PDF file is simple. We’ll teach you how to accomplish it using Chrome, Edge, or Preview.

Using Chrome or Edge, remove pages from a PDF

Using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge is a fast and simple approach to delete pages from a PDF. You essentially open your PDF in these web browsers and use the virtual PDF printer to create a fresh copy of your PDF. This copy only includes the pages you intended to preserve.

One disadvantage of this approach is that if your PDF contains clickable web links (hyperlinks), they will not function in the generated PDF. Aside from that, this is a fantastic approach to use.

To begin, open File Explorer on Windows or Finder on Mac and go to your PDF. Choose Open With > Google Chrome from the context menu when you right-click your PDF (or Microsoft Edge). We’ll go with “Google Chrome.”

Right-click the PDF and choose Open With > Google Chrome.

When the preview of your PDF displays in Chrome, select the “Print” option in the top-right corner (a printer icon).

Select "Print" at the top-right corner.

Choose “Save as PDF” from the “Destination” drop-down option in the “Print” panel on the right. Select Pages > Custom and enter the pages you want to preserve in your file. Any pages you don’t indicate will be eliminated from the new PDF file you’re creating.

For example, if you only want to save the first, second, fifth, and sixth pages, enter those numbers separated by a comma. To utilize a range, use a dash (-) separator to include all of the pages in that range. Enter 1-25, for example, to include all pages between 1 and 25. (1 and 25 are included.)

When you’re finished, click “Save” at the bottom of the “Print” window.

Specify PDF pages to keep.

Choose a folder to save your PDF in from the “Save As” box that appears. Fill down the “File Name” area with the name of your PDF if you like. Then press the “Save” button.

Save the edited PDF file.

Chrome will generate a PDF with just the page numbers you specified. This file can be found in the folder you selected. Enjoy!

Using Preview on a Mac, Delete PDF Pages

If you use a Mac, you don’t need to install Chrome or Edge to remove pages from PDFs. To complete the process, just utilize the built-in Preview app.

Begin by finding your PDF in the Finder, right-clicking it, and selecting Open With > Preview.

Open the PDF with Preview.

You’ll see thumbnails of your PDF pages in the Preview window’s left sidebar. Select the pages to be deleted and hit the Delete key on your keyboard.

Click the PDF page you want to delete and hit the Delete key.

  • Tip: If you don’t see the PDF pages on the left, choose View > Thumbnails in Preview’s menu bar.

Then, under Preview’s menu bar, choose File > Save to save your amended PDF file, and you’re done.

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