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How to Send Messages That Disappear on Facebook Messenger

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When placing all of your chats into a messaging app, privacy is a vital consideration. You may make sensitive messages vanish once the receiver has read them using Facebook Messenger’s “Vanish Mode.” It’s a clever privacy tactic.

“Vanish Mode” is also accessible on Instagram and operates in the same way as it does in Facebook Messenger. The concept is that you enter Vanish Mode, say anything you want to say, and then exit Vanish Mode. Your messages will vanish after they have been read.

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Begin by striking up a discussion with someone you know. To utilize Vanish Mode, you must also have the mobile app for iPhone, iPad, or Android.

Open a conversation.

Swipe up from above the text box while still in the chat view. You’ll see a little indication to assist you in entering Vanish Mode.

Swipe up to open Vanish Mode.

The backdrop is dark in Vanish Mode. You are now free to converse as you usually would.

Vanish Mode enabled.

You will be informed if the other person captures a screenshot while you are in Vanish Mode.

Simply touch “Turn Off Vanish Mode” when you’re ready for everything to vanish. You may also repeat the swipe-up motion.

"Turn Off Vanish Mode."

That’s the only thing there is to it. Consider it similar to entering a sound-proof room to conduct a private talk. You may enter Vanish Mode for a short period of time and then exit when you’re through. There are additional techniques to ensure the security of your Messenger communications.

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