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How to Change the Primary Mouse Button in Windows 11

by Frank
How to Change the Primary Mouse Button in Windows 11


By default, the left mouse button is the primary button, and I think most people are used to this option, but not everyone, like left-handed persons, is adept in using their right hand. Fortunately, Windows has long taken this into consideration for us, and we can change the primary button of the mouse with a few easy settings.

A quick way to switch the mouse’s primary button

To enter the system settings screen, use the shortcut key “Windows+i,” then select the “Bluetooth & devices” option in the left list, and lastly scroll down the right list to locate and click the “Mouse” setting button.

The quick setting method of the button for the primary mouse button is shown at the top of the Mouse settings section. By default, the left mouse button is the primary mouse button; click the right drop-down triangle button and pick right to complete the swap.

You may also rapidly adjust the speed of the mouse pointer by using the slider on the bottom scroll wheel.

Additional mouse settings

To access the mouse properties panel, click the “Additional mouse settings” button in the Related settings area.

When the mouse properties windows open, make sure you’re on the Buttons tab. Check the Switch main and secondary buttons choices under Button Configuration. While you’re there, you may also modify the pace of the double-click by using the slider.

You can also activate the ClickLock feature at the bottom. You can highlight or drag with this option without having to hold down the mouse button. To use it, click once to begin and once more to stop.

By selecting the Pointers tab, you may personalize the pointer and choose from a variety of possibilities. There’s an option to add a shadow effect on the pointer in the bottom left.

The pointer speed may be adjusted using the slider on the next tab, Pointer Options. You may also improve pointer accuracy, have the pointer automatically go to the default button in a dialog box, see pointer trails, conceal the pointer while typing, and see the pointer’s position when you click the CTRL key.

By choosing the Wheel tab, you can specify the number of lines to scroll down the screen when the mouse wheel scrolls one frame, or you can simply pick “One screen at a time,” which will scroll down to the next screen when the mouse wheel scrolls one frame.

You can set the number of characters to scroll horizontally for one mouse wheel scrolling frame in the Horizontal scrolling setting area.

That’s it! When we use a computer, we spend a lot of time looking at the mouse cursor. The default mouse pointer settings satisfy most people’s habits, but if you are not satisfied with the default settings, hurry up and take action.

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