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How to Change Your Move Goal on Apple Watch

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You may change your Apple Watch Move objective to make it more difficult or easier to fill your Move ring each day. You cannot accomplish this on your iPhone; instead, you must use your Apple Watch directly.

Alter Your Step Goal

You may alter your Move goal on your Apple Watch by utilizing the Activity app. You may access it from the main menu by pressing the Digital Crown, or you can fast access it by tapping on the activity rings complication on your Apple Watch face.

Apple Watch Activity app

Make sure you’re on the “initial page” of the Activity app, where you can see your three rings: Move, Exercise, and Stand. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen and press the “Change Goals” button.

Change Move goal on Apple Watch

You may alter your Move, Exercise, and Stand objectives in this order. The Exercise and Stand targets will be set to 30 minutes and 12 hours by default. The Move target for each individual varies depending on what information you submitted your Apple Watch when you originally received it and whether or not you accepted Apple’s request to change it based on activity levels.

Set Move goal on Apple Watch

If you continue to shatter your Move objective, your Watch will advise that you raise it. You will eventually reach a number that you will most likely be unable to complete, so choose a Move target that you are comfortable with or you will lose your streak.

Meeting Your Daily Move Goal

Recording all of your exercises and activities is the simplest method to fill your Move ring each day. This covers obvious stuff like gym sessions and runs, but also fitness gaming sessions that get your heart rate up or even your morning stroll to work.

The majority of residual movement will be recorded by your Apple Watch, but you will be given additional active energy if you report it as an acceptable exercise. You’ll also receive better heart rate information and GPS recordings during specific exercises (like as walks, treks, and runs), but this will put greater strain on your Watch battery.

Track all of your Workouts on Apple Watch

Remember that your Move goal is meant to encourage you, so setting it too high or too low negates the purpose of having one at all.

Make the Most of Your Apple Watch

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